Accidentally Unsubscribed From Your Work's Security Awareness Email?

We know that email newsletters can look like spam. But we promise that the Security Awareness Email that your company signed you up for, is not.

Why is it so important to be subscribed?
Security awareness newsletters and communications are required to pass the strict security requirements needed to be able to work with your customers (ex., SOC II, COBIT, PCI DSS). Because email newsletter subscriptions are auditable it means that if you're not subscribed, then you're name will not show up in the list of company staff that reads the security awareness communications. It also means that the company you work for fails that compliance requirement.

How do I get myself and the company I work for back into compliance?
Just enter your work email into the form below and follow the instructions on the page after.

Please check your spam folder for verification/confirmation emails for the newsletter and be sure to add to your email address book/whitelist