We build security solutions to keep
your business and your customers secure


There’s no question the business value of cloud services – especially for startups. The question is how to create security that works for the cloud. Keep Secure helps your business to deliver consistent, automated protection across all your cloud-delivered services and apps. We also help you select, build, operate and scale your cloud deployments in a cost-effective manner.


Security protocols that are baked into your development process allows your DevOps and Security Professionals to work together in agile teams without having to sacrifice your speed of delivery or code security. We help your business by creating build/release pipelines, infrastructure as code, and post deployment configurations that comply with your security requirements.


Even with the IT landscape changing as fast as it is, the need for traditional IT security is still paramount. From CIS to PCI, Keep Secure can help you review your infrastructure against industry best practices and create pragmatic, effective security policies and roadmaps to accomplish all your security needs. We also have years of experience deploying solutions from firewalls/IDS to password management.


From local companies to federal governments, every business or organization that works with SCADA systems is vulnerable to security threats from hackers, malware, terrorists and disgruntled employees. Keep Secure helps you identify the security gaps in your existing industrial deployments.