"I don't know that we could have made a lot of the steps to figure out our security without Keep Secure taking the journey with us."

We build security solutions to keep your business and your customers secure

Whether you are a startup app developer or a growing mid-sized company on the verge of enterprise. We can help you achieve your security needs with cloud integration, DevSecOps, development, traditional infrastructure, SCADA and beyond.


What we do


Infrastructure Security Assessments

Infrastructure Consulting

Managed Detection & Response


App Security Assessments

CI/CD Enablement

Application Replatforming

Vulnerability Scanning


CISO as a Service

Policy & Standards Development

Security Awareness Training


Infrastructure Design & Deployment


Penetration Testing

From Our Blog

Advanced Docker Tips: Pt.2 - Know When to Cache

Even though you are requesting the latest updates to be applied in your dockerfile, docker will cache that layer instead of re-running the check for latest update. To prevent this from happening, you will have to instruct docker to not cache anything.

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